Golwg y safle yn Gymraeg

Meidrim Community Council has planted a mixed orchard on the Village Green in memory of a much missed gentleman and stalwart of the village and community, Anthony “Pant” Thomas.

For over 40 years Anthony served his community in a number of roles and the tribute is a fitting one as the Children’s Play Park “Y Berllan” was originally an orchard owned by the Thomas family of Pant Farm and given to the village in the late 1960’s.

 “May the new orchard bear the fruits of his labour.”

Meidrim Community Council is also working closely with Public Rights of Way to improve the footpath network in the parish.


Riverside Walk is now open. The new fence through the park has been funded by a Community Grant from YnNi Teg with income generated by the wind turbine at Bwlchgwynt Farm, Meidrim. The fence was necessary to ensure dogs do not go through the park. Please remember there is a Public Space Protection Order banning dogs from the children’s play park and please remember to clean up after your dog at all times. There are 2 bins in the Car Park and one by the bus shelter.

Meidrim Community Council erected the fence through Y Berllan to re-open the Riverside Walk and would like to thank the following for their support with the work:-

Luke Robinson for supply of the timber. Council Chair Steven Kind for co-ordinating the project and doing most of the work voluntarily. Dan Evans, Meirion Evans and Meidrim & District Welfare Committee for their co-operation. Glyn Phillips, Rona Crane, Dan Robinson, Jake Smith, James Yates, James Harland, Joseph Robinson for their voluntary help and Adrian Sharp for loan of the temporary safety fencing.

The fence is of cedar wood and cannot be painted.

The community can once again enjoy the Riverside Walk and there are also plans to improve more of the 37 footpaths in the Parish of Meidrim.


Meidrim Community Council is pleased to announce the upcoming implementation of the “Meidrim Trails Network” which has been made possible with the help of the YnNi Teg Bwlchgwynt turbine community fund. This involves colour-coded and named circular routes corresponding to a map that will be placed in the bus shelter. These routes will be named after local geographical and historical features. This also includes new custom colour-coded way-markers to mark these routes, which will begin and end in the village, avoid dangerous roads and comprise a number of footpaths, tracks and landscape features, all of which is designed to make the footpath network more user-friendly and to encourage more people to use it, without having to travel to the coast, mountains or popular tourist hotspots.

This project is rather unique in that, outside of the coastal areas, tourist hotspots and main towns, it is an attempt to maintain and improve our footpath network since its decline as a result of austerity and large budget cuts to the Public Rights of Way department nearly a decade ago. Exercise can and should be available from our own doorsteps without having to risk walking on dangerous roads or driving to places. Equally, safe walking access between local villages should also be a right of rural communities. In tourism, walkers spend around £6 billion a year nationally and create and maintain around 180,000 to 200,000 rural jobs.

For the mental and physical health of our community, as well as a small contribution to our reputation and the prosperity of our local economy, we are imploring local landowners and farmers to work with us in maintaining clearly-marked, safe routes throughout the parish and to keep the wider economical and health-related picture in mind as the economy goes through troubled waters.

Likewise, we also ask members of the community to get involved by continuing to report issues and maintenance problems. After a few mysterious anti-social incidents of signs being removed recently, we also implore the community to leave way-markers and signs alone where they have been placed. These signs will be funded on a limited budget and physically placed by volunteers who have given up their free time to do so.

Waymarking the routes and a basic colour-coded corresponding map will begin over the next few weeks. When the map is ready it will be posted on here for you to download to your phone or print for personal use.