Golwg y safle yn Gymraeg

Calling all maps and history buffs!

You can now get from Aberystwyth a link that will show the old maps back to 1830.

It is a very good system whereby you can see if your house, or any other property, was on the old map by overlaying with current maps.

This is the link cynefin.archiveswales.org.uk to the Cynefin project, with the maps, as above, plus lots of other historic map information and news.

http://Adeiladau rhestredighttps://britishlistedbuildings.co.uk/wales/meidrim-carmarthenshire#.Y_jpsCbP1D9

http://Eglwys a Chapelhttps://www.genuki.org.uk/big/wal/CMN/Mydrim/

THE MEIDRIM YEW (St David’s Churchyard)

Wales boasts a higher concentration of ancient Yew trees than anywhere else in the world. Many of the ancient Yew trees in South Wales are over 2000 years old, with some over 5000 years old. This association with Wales, particularly South Wales is no coincidence since the Yew held a special significance in the pre-Christian world as the original “world tree”, a pragmatic tradition which was continued by the druids and which was later adopted in a symbolic way by the church.

The reason being is that Yews are immortal and will live for thousands of years, continuously regenerating itself. It’s no wonder the Yew was adopted as a graveyard symbol of immortality and ressurection.

The Meidrim Yew was over 2000 years old and a part of the pre-Christian site that existed prior to the church, but it was sadly chopped down in the 1930’s for unclear reasons. All that remains of it is this stump. Had it been preserved, Meidrim would be “on the map” as housing one of the very few ancient Yews in the world.